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Friday, June 28, 2013

My Birthday Weekend and Dana's shower

Jimmy was so awesome to offer to stay home with the boys when I went to SoCal for Dana's baby shower, which also happened to be my birthday weekend!  

In NorCal....
On the way back from taking me to the airport Jimmy took the boys to pick blueberries - a first for them, and the LOVED it!  Landon didn't do much picking, but he did plenty of eating while they were out in the field.

The boys surprised me with a birthday cake, made with love by Caleb and Jimmy.  Caleb was excited to learn how to crack eggs and use the KitchenAid mixer, and of course to enjoy some of the frosting. :)  

In SoCal... 
When we first got to Orange County we went to see Joey and Lindsey's new house, which was exciting as they were about to close the sale on it.  Then off to lunch at Fashion Island, some (unrushed) shopping time (It was so nice not having to rush home for naptime!), and then some appetizers and drinks at an outdoor terrace nearby.  In the evening we all went out to a yummy mexican restaurant right by the water.  Delicious!

Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday was Dana's baby shower for Delanie, who is due to arrive any time now!  We had a great time hanging out with all the girls at David and Dana's house (which I also got to see for the first time) to celebrate Dana and our soon-to-be niece, and lots of yummy food too!  

It was a very fun weekend, both for the boys getting to have guy time with daddy, and for me getting to see my brothers, sisters-in-law, and nephew in Newport Beach!  A much needed break from toddlers! Thank you Jimmy for letting me take off while you had the boys!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

May Playtime

A random assortment of what we were up to in May...

Out for a Sunday ride
The boys LOVE taking all their tractors and dump trucks to the park to dig in the sand.  We need to do this again soon!

Snacktime in the church nursery.  Say 'cheese' for your Cheerios!

Landon and Cadence having fun doubled up in the swing
Caleb ate the Auerbachs' entire bag of Pirate's Booty.  Surprised?  He loves that stuff.

There's always fun to be had at Lowe's!
Play date at the park - crazy, but fun, as always!
Morning snack in the back of Papa's truck while watching the new concrete being poured

This year I was invited to attend Festa Della Donna, a fundraiser for Lodi House and Hope Harbor.  It was the first time I've been to a fancy luncheon event, and it was quite fun - beautifully decorated tables, yummy food, and tons of fun boutiques selling all sorts of things.  It was mommy's turn for playtime. :)

Holidays and special events always pass so quickly and then we realize after the fact that we never got any pictures of us with the kids.  This was our attempt at taking a picture of the boys and I on Mother's Day.  Didn't go so well, at least not for Caleb's interest.  

Caleb is squinting his eyes closed because he didn't want his picture taken

I gave up trying to get a good picture of all three of us and just got one of Landon and I instead 

Landon loves the animal books

We tried some of Caleb's flotation gear on Landon...
...and we quickly decided it was a little too big...  He was like a roly poly - when he sat or fell down, he just tipped backward and couldn't get back over again to stand up!  Hilarious. 

I love my new big boy carseat!

We had Berndt Tree Service out to trim our big tree out front.  The kids had a great time watching the big bucket lift, guys with chainsaws, and the wood chipper in action.  Its amazing how quickly these guys work.  They were in and out and all cleaned up in 30 minutes!

Its hilarious to watch Landon walk with these boots on - they're tall on his legs, and then with the length of most of his shorts, he ends up walking pretty funny in them.

After our date to the Mud Mill, Caleb and I picked up lunch from the taco truck, yum!

New discovery:  Reuseable squeeze pouches!  Saving me tons of money! :)