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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Landon at 5 months

On April 14th Landon turned 5 months old.  Here are some of the new things he is up to...

Still wearing mostly 3 month clothes, but this past week or two we are noticing that he is finally starting to fill out a bit... such a little peanut..

Tried rice cereal a few times and got the gag reflex.  Can't blame him... that stuff tastes like cardboard.  He did a bit better with the peas, but it is definitely a work in progress.  (I had a picture of him with a look that totally explained his reaction to the cereal, but can't seem to find it...darn.)

Rolling over both directions now with ease...

Landon now has the coordination to get his paci into his own mouth, as well as anything else he has in his hands.  This also means holding his own bottle, yay!  


Landon has really started to respond to Caleb's interactions with him.  He is smiling and sometimes laughing at what he sees Caleb doing.

Okie baby?  Lol.  This looks terribly hilarious, but Landon had so much spitup this day that I had to take him home in his socks and diaper.  At least he is still smiling :)

Still a super happy and smiley baby!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Fun

Although he is pretty young, we thought we would try to dye eggs with Caleb this year...  We were able to color the eggs, but Caleb was mostly interested in using the metal egg dipper to eat the vinegar used in the food coloring bowls!  He ended up with blue lips and a green hand and looked a little like the Hulk...

Look closely and you can see his blue lips.

Daddy and the boys on Easter morning

Tessa loves to love on Caleb, and she gets so excited.. its adorable.  Usually Caleb just stands there looking at her, as if to say 'what in the world is she doing?', but this time it made him smile.  From what I hear, cousin Deacon like to do the same loving on other babies :)  

Caleb did better than we thought he would with the concept of finding and collecting the eggs...  In addition to the plastic ones we put out some of the hard boiled ones we had colored, and he threw those ones into his basket with an equal amount of force as he did the plastic ones (a lot!).  No being gentle for this little boy... he was having too much fun!  Tess was excited for a brief moment about the egg hunt, but then quickly moved on to driving Caleb's (Flinstone peddling) car (or truck, as he calls it).

He is actually saying 'cheese' here.  Caleb has figured out that you are supposed to say cheese when someone is going to take your picture, but he usually says it as he is still playing and never looking up, and without actually smiling, so this picture is a slight improvement... no smile, but he is at least looking at the camera :)

Playing with his new bat and helmet at Uncle Jack and Aunt Gwen's house on Easter day

Love playing ball with daddy!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Random March photos...

 It's amazing how quickly they learn... Jimmy used one of my rubberbands to hold chopsticks together and Caleb was able to get food in his mouth on the first try.

We found the trick: a movie keeps him interested enough to sit still for a trim!

Painting the sidewalk with water

Tried on one of Caleb's old hats for Landon the other day... you can see it didn't work out so well...
...looks like we are going to have to get him a smaller one!

..and all of Caleb's baseball hats are now too small, so we settled on this one.  Que guapo esta! :)