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Monday, June 25, 2012

Los camiones de bomberos

(The fire trucks).
We had an unexpected little adventure Saturday morning... Caleb, Landon and I were at home and Caleb said 'go see choo choo, go see fire trucks'.  I told him we would see if we could find any, so we drove to the main fire station on Elm St. to see if the garage doors were open. They were, and after looking at the truck out our car window, one of the fire fighters came out to see if we needed help with anything.  I explained that we were just driving by to see the trucks, and he told us to drive around the back and he could show Caleb around.

Caleb got to see, sit in, and 'drive' two engines and the hook and ladder, check out the small and large water hoses, and see some of the special equipment on the trucks.  He even got to sit in the back driver's seat of the hook and ladder!

In the 'Captain's Seat'

Drivin' the fire engine... I think this is the closest he came to giving me a smile, even though he was loving it 

Showing Caleb the Thermal Imaging Camera
Firefighter Dave tried to take a picture of the three of us, but Caleb was more interested in exploring some more :)
Learning about the hoses... small one to take inside buildings, large one for spraying from outside.

"The best seat in the whole station"... The back driver's seat of the hook and ladder 
I was envious that Caleb got to sit up there... I wanted to climb up too!! :)

Turned out to be an exciting morning for us!  Later that day I asked Caleb what he was going to tell daddy about going to the fire station.  He replied "I met the fireman."  :)

(We were told that Saturday mornings they are always out cleaning and prepping their equipment, in case anyone is wanting to take their little ones to check it out! )

Father's Day

Jimmy got to enjoy a relaxing Father's Day... Playing with the boys, cycling, and even a bit of sun and pool time to work on that cyclist's tan ;)

Relaxing in the pool
The old school toys are the best... Remember these barns and farm animals?? 
Landon really liked the water...  He was kicking his feel and squealing with excitement as he bounced on my knee.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Landon at 7 months

Sittin' pretty... err... cute.  But he's sitting up now all on his own.  It was about 6 1/2 months actually when he did it for the first time (briefly) alone (see video below).  He is very much enjoying the world from an upright perspective.  If he's not sitting, he wants to be standing up, and he seems to be quite strong already at locking his whole body tightly in place.  Perhaps he will be an early walker...?

(Video of Landon sitting up for the first time alone... A few brief moments, then down he went):

...Two weeks later, and he is sitting with ease!

Caleb wants to 'drive' Landon around in his car (walker)

Landon has started to up the drool factor in the past couple of weeks... perhaps he will get his first tooth sooner than Caleb's at 11 months!  He likes gnawing on many things, including his rubber baby food spoons, spatulas, and of course, his fingers.

He LOVES eating solids, and also seems to be just as eager as Caleb was to get the next bite in his mouth.  If you're going too slow, he will let you know!  Ours seem to be the only kids I have seen that are so eager and impatient when it comes to eating their baby food.... Is it just my imagination, or is that the case??  Liking everything so far... squash, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, carrots, zucchini, pears, bananas, apples, mango, raspberries...

Landon has figured out how to shake rattles and maracas, and likes watching Caleb run from one end of the kitchen to the other when he is sitting in his swing chair.  He giggles hysterically, and looks around the corner waiting in anticipation for him to come running back again.  He likes gnawing on many things, including his rubber baby food spoons, spatulas, and of course, his fingers. 

He's getting bigger, and more and more fun as we continue to see his personality developing!!...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Birthday

We celebrated my (32nd) birthday a little over a week ago, and I have to say, it was a very relaxed and pleasant day, despite having two kids under the age of two!  Dinner out on Saturday night in Sacramento yummy homemade breakfast from Jimmy, church, birthday shopping with my mom while the kids napped (very long naps, hooray!) at home with daddy, then pool and dinner at my mom and dad's house.  It was fantastic to get to the end of a day and not feel stressed out and exhausted...  That right there is a birthday present in itself :)

Dinner at 'Aioli', a yummy Spanish restaurant  
Loving on baby before breakfast...

<VIDEO: Nursery Rhyme Time >:

Caleb insisted on wearing this in to church on my birthday.  You can imagine the looks it got...!  :)