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Saturday, November 21, 2015

September 2015

Landon was very proud of this Crayon hat he made at preschool and wanted to wear it to all our errands the next day.

We were excited to go to the cabin (aka, Camp Faithful) in Truckee for the first time over Labor Day weekend!  My S-I-L Aly's family has a beautiful home there, and we took off an hour after Jimmy arrived back home from his work trip to Hong Kong to head up the mountain and join them.  Despite his extreme jet lag, we had a lot of fun.  I guess I didn't take many pictures, but since it was a holiday weekend there were special activities, food, and live music at the main clubhouse and pool area.  The pool is amazing - its huge, has a wade-in beach area, and a water slide on the other side.  This particular weekend they also had pony rides, which both boys loved.

Field and Fair Day is back in Lodi, and this year I was excited to participate with some of the Lodi Jazzercise Team.  Our performance was early in the morning and sparsely populated as many people headed to eat pancakes after the hot air balloon lifted off.  Luckily, they found another spot in the schedule for us to perform again, that time with a great crowd and all the Lodi High cheerleaders dancing along with us.  It was so much fun to show people 'the New Jazzercise'. :)

The boys had fun participating in a three-legged race with kids they didn't know, and getting into the new SWAT vehicle and trying on their gear was also very cool!


These silly kids... Claire wanted to trace each of them on the driveway

Learning to crack eggs at the shoppe kitchen with Candace

AWANAs had a Yacht Race Night for the Kindergarteners and older ages.  They took home these wooden boats to decorate, and Caleb let Landon help him paint his boat.  

Jimmy usually ends up making Paella two or three times a year.  This month we were invited out to dinner with some friends and former co-workers of Jimmy's.  It was Spanish themed, and we sat out on their beautiful patio with vineyards and giant oak trees surrounding us.  The food was amazing, with many talented cooks contributing to the meal.  Jimmy was in his glory getting to make the paella for everyone (as well as the Gazpacho and Ajo Blanco soup shooters before dinner, mmmmm).


Our 8th Anniversary dinner date - the boys wanted their pictures taken with us before we went out :)

A proud boy writing his own name and drawing a self portrait on the whiteboard at the dentist's office.  This was also a big day because, after talking for a good month about what to expect when we took him to have his teeth cleaned, he FINALLY stayed calm, let the dentist look, work, and clean in his mouth without freaking out at all.  Big deal for Landon!  In the past he would even let her look in his mouth.  Maybe next time we will be able to also do x-rays!

Caleb was quite excited to try out fishing for the first time.  Cast the line, reel it back in immediately, repeat.  Good enough for him!

Birthday party fun for Caleb's friend, Cooper - huge, life-sized storm trooper balloons, and a Jedi who did his own training academy with the kids which was a huge hit!