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Friday, October 26, 2012

Landon at 11 months

Well I still haven't gotten around to taking Landon's 'official' 11 month photos in his tie, but here are some recent ones in the meantime...

Lately so many people comment on what a big (solid) boy you are.  You have certainly been packing on the pounds these past few months, and you weighed in at about 24 lbs when we put you on the shoppe scale recently.  We're lovin' all the rolls :)

Cruising, moving from one piece of furniture to another with ease, and even standing alone for moments at a time without realizing it.  Getting close to walking... maybe by your first birthday?

Lots of 4am waking lately, though not crying very much (thankfully!).  Looks like you've got three teeth coming in at once, you're first ones!  Right on schedule with Caleb's 1st, and mine as well, at 11 months.

You're babbling and trying to 'talk' so much these days.  Lots of different sounds and attempts at expressing yourself.  About a week ago you actually said 'doggie' - your first word that can't be confused with baby babble noises like mama and dada :).  You get SO excited when you see Gio, Bella, or any other dog, and you said dog-gie several times.  We love your little pointer finger that you use to signal to so many things, followed by lots of babbles about something.

Your signing of 'more' and 'all done' have been very helpful!

You Dance at any and all kinds of music with a big smile on your face.  You like pulling up to stand and play on the piano at least once a day.


You're only sleeping two naps now, but I am thankful that we got the 3 nap schedule with you for as long as we did!  You're a champion sleeper - 3 hours of naps plus 12 at night!

Landon decided he was ready to move, even though I hadn't yet unbuckled him after our picnic

Playtime with Deacon

We had a lot of fun playing with cousin Deacon (14 months) last weekend!  It was so cute to watch all three of them play together!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch at Phillips' Farms

I have so many good memories of going to the Pumpkin Patch at Phillips' Farms as a child, and was excited that we could take the boys together, play, and choose some pumpkins.  I love that they still have all of the figures that I remember when I was a child.  You know, the ones with the big round heads and cloth bodies that are about 7 feet tall??   

We walked through the little corn maze, through the dark tunnels, and for some reason Caleb's favorite part was peering into the narrow door of the little house with the Big Bad Wolf in the bed.  "I want to see the big wooof some more, " he kept telling us (and continues to tell us when we go out there just to play and see the animals on different occasions).

Daddy and Caleb
We hadn't been there five minutes and Caleb already had his pumpkin picked out :) 
...and one for Landon.

Landon thought we had handed him a ball to play with...

Love how baby fingers point and grab
Into the corn maze we go...
...and the spooky tunnels

I definitely remember Raggedy Ann and Andy from my own childhood Pumpkin Patch visits!
Caleb's favorite part was peering into this little house with Big Bad Wolf in a bed.  
A trip to Phillips' Farms isn't complete without some playtime on the old tractor
Nana Gigi was making goat noises and Landon was cracking up!  (see video below...)