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Saturday, July 30, 2016

June 2016, Kinder Graduation

In addition to being my birthday month, June was special because Caleb finished Kindergarten (ON my birthday actually).  The three K classes had a 'program', not called graduation or promotion due to some kids not moving on apparently, but they sang us some songs that they practiced a long time to learn, and then we went to our child's classroom for individual awards from their teacher.  Of course everyone gets an award, hi-lighting something unique, memorable, quirky, or special about them. 

Caleb's class, post award distribution.  Caleb was given the 'Big Brother Award', because Mr.Drouin said that any time he learned something cool, or did or received something new, he would always say he wanted to tell Landon about it. <3  What a sweet big brother he is!

Caleb and his good buddy, Cooper, and of course we couldn't leave Landon out of the picture!

It's amazing to see how big these boys are getting.  And Caleb still with a full mouth of baby teeth, while most of his friends (and brother) have gaps in their smiles. 

Best hug yet!! Love this sweet boy!

The kids sang several songs for the parents and grandparents, but this was my favorite, and Caleb's too.  It's called The Ball and the Jack.  (Sorry for the sideways filming... thought that the iPhone's had that figured out by now...)  Click here on on image below...

Summer fun has begun!  Papa got them each a google and fins set and they love them, and each other.

Jimmy and I rarely get away by ourselves for overnight trips, so we wanted to just go anywhere for my birthday.  We headed up to Murphy's for a night, stopping for lunch in Sonora on the way.  Wine tasting, eating, relaxing.  Lovely. :)

Week one of summer break brought a week of basketball camp for Caleb, and two days of Tot camp for Landon, Eli Elson, and Eli Shular at Impact Sports, which they loved.  

Indoor kitchen utensil baseball game here... Boys wanted to play with some spoons, and they ended up becoming baseball bats for an imaginary game.

VBS at Faith Community Church!  The church did an amazing job turning the inside of the building into the feeling of being under the sea.  The kids had so much fun, and were even tired enough that they gave me two naps that week!  Water games, relays, bouncey things, skits, music, bible verses, and friends. 

This was the first of a series of Avengers character workshops with Lowe's Build and Grow.  Not sure what we're going to do with all these characters when they're done, but they enjoy building them in the meantime...

Fun fort set up on old fashioned clothes hanging lines in our neighbor's backyard birthday party.

Dress up fun at my cousin Chantel's house.  Zach ( in white) is the same age as Caleb.  Can you tell Landon is excited about his costume?  Look at that grin...

It's always fun to see my old roomie, Cat, and the kids have fun playing together too on their stops through Lodi.  

Hangin' out in the Japanese Gardens, just the three of us.  We walked across the rocks in the ponds at least five times.

Birthday party fun with friends from preschool

We did our third annual Father's Day River Cats game, but this time we opted for the Saturday night game instead of the Sunday at 2pm blazing hot game.  It was still plenty warm, but it was so nice to not be roasting in the sun, and the fire works show at the end of the game was a really one!  They had the fireworks synchronized to the music, and for the song Ex's and Oh's, they shot up X and O fireworks.  Very fun.  (Below: Christa and the boys)

This summer Caleb decided he really wanted to learn to fish.  He first got to try it off the dock at the Walters' house, and then we got him a pole of his own for his birthday.  He has asked me to take him, but I don't know the first thing about fishing to even help him!  This one will have to be a boy time activity. :)

This is a picture from the Stockton Ports game we DIDN'T stay to watch.  It was like 103 that day, and the seats were literally so hot you could have cooked food on them.  We stayed for two innings with the group from our church, and then called it quits and threw together a bbq/swim party at one of their houses.  Turned out to be a fun afternoon once we got out of that crazy heat.  Probably can't say the same for the poor person inside this suit.  I think I would have passed out!

The boys still love pomelo (grapefruit), and their favorite part is always squeezing the juice onto their spoon after eating all the fruit wedges. 

Caleb, live in concert!  He's totally into it, just like his daddy.

Swim dates, swimming, and more swimming all summer... This was a set of triplets who Caleb made friends with during VBS.  So fun for Luke to have some boys to play with!

Jimmy's long-time friend Suzanne was in town with her hubby and boys, Roman and Cash. 

Lovely scene for the neighbors to watch out their windows... boys chasing each other in pj's and undies at breakfast time.  Oh Landon, the boy who rarely has pants on... Saw a friend's son recently wearing a shirt that says "Sin Pantalones" (without pants) - think I need to track one down for Landon!

It's coming together! Our Care Lodi clothing closet, called The WEARhouse, is intented to provide new and gently used clothing and shoes, and new toiletries and undergarments to kids in need on the East Side of Lodi.  We had a fantastic group of helping hands to sort all of the clothing donations received thus far  I think we're currently at 44 bins, sorted by summer, winter, gender and size. It's quite a project, but we are excited about all the kids we'll be able to help with these clothes!  Our first date opening the WEARhouse for the students is at the end of July before they head back to school.  

Some things about the boys these days: 
- They are very into word searches and mazes
- Landon is still smelling everything, and will definitely let you know when he doesn't like the way something smells, food or otherwise
- The boys have begun to call each other 'bubba', a nickname I think they picked up from their friend Cooper and his sister, Morgan.
- Landon loves making silly faces for pictures
- Caleb has started to take some interest in cooking - in the past he never wanted to help, but he is beginning to a little here and there
- Caleb loves coloring, especially having me print coloring pages from the internet because he gets to choose which character he wants to color each time.