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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A busy January - Part 2

A few more pictures from our time in Newport Beach between the two wedding weekends...

Handyman Caleb 'fixing' the vacuum with his tools 

The second half of our Southern California travels were for Joey's wedding in Temecula.  The weekend started off when we thought Caleb had woken up with a cold Friday morning, but it turns out that the runny nose could be attributed to the 3 or 4 teeth that he is getting all at one time, yikes!  I could see that at least one of them is a molar that has started to cut through.  Caleb hasn't gotten any new teeth in since around his first birthday 6 months ago, so he is definitely due!

It did rain on Saturday, but thankfully it stopped before the wedding began, so all we had to deal with was a very cold wind, brrr!  (So glad that Lindsey got us those beautiful shrugs to go with the bridesmaids dresses!)  The wedding was beautiful though, and the wedding party's shuffle performance as we entered the reception (though I wasn't as practiced as I had wanted to be) was a fun surprise and fun for those of us who did it.  :)

Back home in Lodi...
Makin' it work with two babies...  one in the stroller...
...and one in the Bjorn.
Caleb's O face.  This is one of my favorite things he does - it makes me laugh so hard out loud every time he does it.  Papa Joe takes the credit for teaching him this one :)
18 months old, 30 lbs, height and weight in the 90th percentile, head size still way off the charts!
(Landon's 2 month picture with his little tie didn't happen... it was the day of Auntie April and Uncle Ben's wedding, which was super busy with Jimmy, Caleb, and I all being in the wedding, and Landon ended up spitting up all over that outfit before we had a chance to take a picture for posting.  We'll have to get some extra cute ones at 3 months :)  )

Thank goodness for vintage toys to keep Caleb entertained while the grown-ups finished dinner. Happy birthday Papa Jack!

Touchdown!! (excuse the bad shadow...was trying to capture the moment!)

This new addition will be a lot of fun once the weather warms up a bit!

In addition to all of this was also Jimmy's birthday on the 18th, which we had to celebrate late since he was in Lodi and I was down South with my mom and our boys.  Happy Birthday babe!!!!  

At Alabrijes' new larger location

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am so excited that Landon has started smiling!  It began the week after Christmas I think (6 or 7 weeks old)...  and I am referring to the real smiles, not just the ones that come in his sleep or when he is about to launch a big wet burp onto you.

Talk to the hand!!  Landon just laid there with his hand up in this position for about 3 minutes...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A busy January - Part I

As Landon has gotten a bit older (2 months last Saturday) and some of the novelty of having a little brother has worn off for Caleb, I feel like our lives have gotten even busier and more hectic than they were a month ago.  January has been and will continue to be a very busy month for us:  Jimmy's sister April got married last weekend in San Diego, Jimmy's birthday is today but he is home in Lodi working, and then this coming weekend my brother Joey is getting married in Temecula.  I feel like there are several more things going on that my brain is just too tired to remember right now...  :S 

Auntie April and Uncle Ben's Wedding in San Diego:
Jimmy, Caleb and I were all in the wedding, with Caleb supposedly helping Cole (Ben's nephew) pull the wagon with Tessa and Stella (Ben's niece) inside.  This was Caleb's first time at a wedding, and other than than being awake from 6:30am until 8:30pm with NO NAP, he had a lot of fun running around at the reception and dancing with everyone. 

Getting dressed for the wedding.  Yes, he is in the hotel lobby.

Caleb sees mommy up front...  He didn't exactly stick to the plan of helping Cole pull the wagon either... he wandered off to the opposite side of everyone else.

Doesn't he look handsome??

The week in Newport Coast:
Between the two weddings my mom and I are spending the week in Newport near my brothers.  We haven't really done anything big, just hanging out and it has been nice to get to see my brothers, Dana, Deacon, and Lindsey more this week, too!

Hangin' out by the pool at Uncle Joey and Aunt Aly's hotel - Our one-hour window of free time on Friday before wedding rehearsal and Caleb arriving the next day
Deacon (or 'Deek', as Caleb calls him) is learning to give kisses

Kisses for brother!
The fun big bath tub at our hotel, and bubbles!
'Mowing' our hotel room after our bath

Cute little sleepy-poo

Koi in front of the hotel

This was the closest I could come to getting a smile from Caleb - he was so into watching the other (older) kids playing with the chess set that he hardly made any expressions, just taking it all in!

We also stumbled up the hotel's arcade room.  Its great that at this age, Caleb was totally content just pushing buttons and sitting on the games...  he doesn't realize that the machines do more, so it didn't cost me a dime! :)

We can see the green from one hole of a golf course from our hotel balcony, so Caleb has just learned what golf carts are.  When we saw this extra-long one that belongs to the hotel Caleb had to jump on, push buttons, and explore.  Again, just taking it all in, so he wasn't giving any smiles

Cheap thrills:  We took a ride on the Balboa Island Ferry today.  Tons of boats docked, airplanes taking off overhead, and a helicopter up above to look at, as well as some seals barking in the background

Uncle Joey and (almost) Aunt Lindsey's wedding in Temecula... (photos to be added next week!)