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Friday, November 30, 2012

Landon's 1st Birthday

We had such fun watching Landon be Landon at his 1st birthday party!  Shortly after everyone arrived he took it upon himself to initiate the present opening as he started to tear open the paper on a large gift that was sitting on the floor (right at his level!).  He seemed to enjoy tearing some of the paper back and seeing what was inside of the packages. 

Of course Caleb and Tessa were right in on all the action, and helping Landon to 'break in' his new toys before they were even out of their boxes.  The good thing is they all took turns and had fun playing with them together, without the usual toddler sharing drama :)

When it came time for the cake Landon dove right in without hesitation.  I suppose it helps that he had bit of practice on his actual birthday with a carrot cake cupcake...

Big brother 'helping' show Landon how to play with his new keyboard

A fun musical flashlight 
I think Landon felt like one of the big kids in his new little car.  He was bouncing and grinning from ear to ear.  

Caleb and Tessa took turns pushing Landon around the loop of the kitchen and living room for probably 15 minutes
Here he goes with his cake...  And Caleb was ready for his cupcake - he knew they had bright blue frosting so he asked me to take off his shirt so he could have one! 

I think Landon admires Gio and Bella (Papa and Nonni's dogs) a little too much...   There have been numerous occassions when he has tried to stick his face right into a bowl of food or a cup of water to get it, just like he sees the dogs do!  He applied the same technique during some of his birthday cake consumption.


So nice of you to share!

Our little green monster :)
The end result.  Pretty good!

Outfit number 2, post cake-eating...
He was having a great time climbing in and out of his booster seat alone.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Landon is 1!

November 14th!  Boy did that year go by quickly... (aside from the first 6 months of it...!)  We had a fun morning at the park with some friends today, swinging on the swings and crawling around in the bark.

Your first tooth finally cut through (bottom right), along with the two front ones coming in together about a week behind #1.

You are incredibly determined!  Whatever you're after, boy do you really go after it, and its all we can do to contain you sometimes.  Makes for a very difficult time changing diapers and dressing you!

You love trying to keep up when we play chase with Caleb, crawling at stealth speeds to try to join in the fun.  Soon enough you'll be walking and running after Caleb yourself :)

You're still not quite walking yet.  Gotta get you walking flat-footed to give you better balance...

We're forward facing!
Lots of eating going on these days, and with some help from Landon too.  He is constantly grabbing the spoon as I try to put food in his mouth... Well, you can see him do it (video below).  He's got pretty good aim!

<Video of Landon feeding himself>:

Avocado face - should have known not to leave him alone with a piece of squishy avocado...
Our green 'super smoothie' splashed forward all over Landon's face (which wasn't hard to do because his whole face was in the cup!)
First PBJ
Climbing up...
...and up...

...and over and under...

Not shy at all digging into his carrot cake!

<Video of Caleb and mommy singing to Landon>: 

Happy 1st Birthday buddy!!  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A fun day at the park

Landon is trying to do what he saw Caleb doing... Climbing up these bars.  He managed to get one leg over  and through the first rung on his own.... I think Landon might be our climber... 
Hey how do I get out of this thing??
...and now we're stuck!