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Friday, May 9, 2014

April 2014

We have been enjoying the beautiful temperatures this month, though I could definitely do with less wind!

For the past month or so, Caleb has been 'struggling' with obeying things we ask him to do.   After a few requests from us, he will say "Then don't look" or "Then don't watch me" in a very pouty voice and then go do what he was asked.  On the inside he doesn't at all want to obey the requests though he knows he should, so he does so not wanting us to know that he is giving in.  Makes me chuckle inside each time he does it.

Progress with bedtime!  It only took us three and a half years to get to a point where bedtime with Caleb wasn't something that took an eternity and drained every ounce of energy and patience I have in me.  He will now get into bed after just one or two books (not requests for endless numbers of books), and the bigger part, he is willing to let me say prayers (also progress here! ), stay in his room for only a minute or two, then I am able to leave the room without him throwing a fit.  It is the best feeling to be able to say goodnight and know it isn't going to start the questioning, drama, crying, or requests to stay in his room until he is pretty much asleep.  In my mind, the few little things he does or asks for at bedtime are 'normal' and now very manageable.  Thank you Jesus!

Progress with prayers!  For about a year it has been a challenge to get Caleb to say prayers at bedtime.  He doesn't protest at dinner when we pray, but bedtime he says he doesn't want me to say prayers, and he doesn't want to either.  Other than a short streak where he liked and wanted me to say the Lord's Prayer, we haven't had much luck.  Until two weeks ago.  At my mommy bible study I asked for prayer for prayer time with Caleb.  Low and behold, that weekend he started wanting to say something he was thankful for at dinner prayers (when he would usually only want Landon to pray instead), and is now willingly offering suggestions of people to pray for and things he is thankful for.  Another thank you Jesus for answering even the smaller prayers!

I have a feeling this will be one of my favorite videos of Caleb for many years to come... It cracks me up every time I watch it!  He is wearing his dress shoes, which he has been calling his 'dancing shoes' or his 'tap shoes'.  He asks me to put them on him, and this particular day he went into the living room and was dancing his little heart out, not realizing I was quietly recording him. :)  Caleb isn't really one to sing along with songs but I love that he is expressing himself, even if its while no one else is watching.  Click here for video, or below:

Springtime water play with our neighbor, Jacob.  

Poor Landon got a viral flu bug and threw up so many times (13 times in 6 hours!) we were advised to take him to the ER.  It was 11:30pm and the poor thing just wanted to go to sleep but his body wouldn't calm down long enough for him to really get any rest. :(

Caleb with Baker Elson on the swing together - I think we used to call this the 'spider'... ?  

Helping daddy prep the dirt for our veggies.  Tomatoes and basil, cucumbers, jalapeƱos, and a couple other herbs.

The boys got this kids shaving set for Easter and Caleb loves it!  I think he is at the perfect age to understand what it is for and that doing it is like doing what daddy does.  He sometimes likes to 'shave' multiple times during one bath.  

Old feed troughs make great swimming pools!  

A few weeks ago the boys had SOOOO much energy left around 7pm, so at my mom's suggestion, we (they) took the wagons and RAN just about all the way around our block!  Landon was excited to put his 'babies' (three stuffed elephants) into his little wagon, and he ran as fast as he could to keep up with his brother, who kept a consistent 50 feet or so ahead of him.  I bribed them with a Hershey's kiss once they made it halfway, and then after riding for about 200 ft. they both got out and ran the rest of the way home!  I was shocked that they were into it, since they usually ask to ride or be carried.  They were both still super amped up afterward, but maybe more due to adrenaline at that point than just excess energy.