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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

May 2015

May always seems to be a busy month, with Spring birthday parties, and end of the year programs and events.  This was the boys' first year participating in AWANA Cubbies (A Workman And Not Ashamed), which is a church youth program where they learn Bible verses, play games, sing, and do all sorts of fun things.  They loved it!  They had special vests they wore each week, and earned patches for their vests for learning their verses. 

Watching new shelves be welded for the shoppe, and the welder let Caleb try on his masks (?)

End-of-the-year preschool program.  Caleb is standing tall and proud to pose for pictures!

At the beginning of the month, I incorporated some Cinco de Mayo fun into my preschool Spanish classes.  Caleb and Landon had a blast wearing my authentic sombrero after class. 

The boys were due for some shaving cream fun!

Going to Jazzercise with mommy has gotten a lot more fun in recent months since Miss Sonia began working in the childcare room.  She is so sweet, brings fun crafts for the kids to do, and even brings her own boys' books and toys for our kids to use from time to time!  Here they are showing off Mother's Day cards they made for us. 

Since Caleb has a summer birthday, we celebrated it at preschool this month.  He seemed very excited to have his classmates and teachers sing to him, happy that I was there to see it, and wanted his picture taken with his friend, Cameron.

This is Blake, one of Landon's good buddies from both preschool and Awana Cubbies.  They get SO excited when they see each other, usually giving lots of hugs and yelling with glee.

We decided on a whim to go to a Stockton Ports baseball game one Sunday afternoon. Landon wanted to talk to this guy, calling him 'Elmo', which an employee standing nearby is apparently a common misconception by many kids!

Enjoying watching Caleb's confidence grow as he rides his bike over the ramps and corners at the skate park. 

Caleb's last day of preschool! This is picture take #3 - the first two were taken with his shirt untucked, and he stopped me and wanted me to take another once he was all tucked in. :)  Just a few short months until big boy starts Kindergarten!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

April 2014 - SoCal and First trip to Disneyland!

At the end of March and into first part of April Jimmy had a big work trip to South America - Brazil (first time), Colombia, and Peru.  Below are a few of his pictures from a plaza in MedellĂ­n, Colombia.  The statues may be something you've seen similar versions of... They are by Fernando Botero, who is from Medellin.  I liked the contrasts of old and new all together in the plaza. 

Jimmy ate so much amazing seafood on his trip and plenty of really yummy ceviches in Peru that he wanted to try to replicate it when he got home.  We don't have all the same ingredients that they do, but he worked with the closest he could find, and it was yummy, even for me who doesn't do much fish :)

Easter! We started with our church's outdoor service in the amphitheater at Hutchins Street Square, which was great, but a bit cool with the cloud cover.  We didn't think to bring jackets, but thankfully I always have this blanket in the car which came in handy.  Love that the boys love loving on each other so much!

Daddy barbecued some burgers and dogs, and the kids had fun hunting for eggs and running around in Nana Gigi's backyard at lunchtime...

My Easter twin :)

The whole crew 'fixing their bikes' together...

We took advantage of Lisa's spring break schedule and met her at an indoor trampoline place up near the Roseville area.  It was a blast, and even better that the adults got to jump along with the kids. Can't wait to go back and use our non-stick socks again!  Finished up with lunch at In-N-Out.  I think this was the boys' first milkshake. Yum!

Crazy weather this month... This was during a hailstorm and right before the downpour of a massive super black cloud that was passing over Lodi.  We got home and into the garage just moments before it started.  It was pretty impressive...Pea-sized hail, thunder, and lightening.  Its a good reminder of just how big our God really is!

Our annual SoCal trip fell in April this year, due to the fact that Jimmy's sister April was due with her first bambino this month!  Elijah Benjamin was born at the end of March so we got to meet our newest nephew when he was barely two weeks old!  Such a quiet little guy, he hardly made a peep while we were there for three days!  Caleb always loves babies and enjoyed talking to him and touching his little toes.

We hit a Padres/Giants baseball game at Petco park, which was super fun for the kids - Sundays are family fun days, complete with multiple bounce houses and slides, face painting, and kids baseball games happening on a mini field.  There was even a 'beach' sand area at the base of the bleacher seats we had - genius idea!  Daddy and Uncle Ben got seats where they could actually watch the game, and we had fun moving around the bleachers and play areas with the boys.

The game was right in the middle of naptime, so we let the boys skip naps.  On the way back to Ben and April's house though they passed out almost immediately.  Landon even still had the marker he was using in his hand. 

The next day was SeaWorld.  Auntie April had free passes so we took the boys and had fun seeing the animals. 

There were two pools just inside the entrance - one had tiny little fish that kind of suck all the dead skin off of your hand when you put it in the water (weird sensation...wasn't a fan), and the other had these small sharks that you could touch as they swam past.  Caleb was funny - he would put his hand down in the tank like he was waiting to touch them and then when they got close he would move his hand just over enough to not actually touch them.  I think he wasn't so sure about it, but glad he was willing to at least put his hand in.

Sea World was another no-nap day so we headed to the beach for a bit afterward.  It was so nice, and the boys loved playing in the sand. They figured out how warm it is to bury yourself (or each other) in the sand. 

After San Diego we headed North to tackle Disneyland - the boys' first time to both parks!  

Rookie Mistake #1:  If Pirates of the Caribbean is going to be the first ride they experience, be sure to explain, especially to the 3-yr-old, that its going to be dark inside, and that all of the super-realistic-looking pirates inside who are shooting at each other are not real.  
We got inside the park the first day and were excited to see that there was no line for Pirates (Jimmy's favorite ride).  Didn't occur to us to prep Landon on what to expect, and he cried the whole time.  From then on, any ride where you sat in a car or cart of some kind, that was indoors, he refused to go on.  Oops.

Our first character encounter: Huge hugs from Tigger, which I think caught them off guard, but they loved it!  

We had heard before getting to Disneyland that the Jedi Training Academy was really cool, and it just so happened that there was a show about to begin as we were sitting down to eat lunch next to the stage where they do the 'show'.  A group of kids are selected from the audience, given Jedi robes to wear and a light saber, then taught basic Jedi movements.  Then out come the storm troopers and Darth Vader, followed by Darth Maul (who is super scary looking if you ask me!! I don't know how he doesn't make the kids cry!).  Each 'jedi' gets a turn 'fighting' Darth Vader on the stage.  Its a pretty cool little show.  Caleb wasn't interested in volunteering at first, but once he saw what they got to do I think he would totally be into it if he has a chance again. 

Landon loves Carousels.  He liked them in Chile, I think we rode this one in Disneyland twice, and we also rode the sea creature carousel a time or two in California Adventure. I think Landon named this horse 'Joey'.

Rookie Mistake #2: Even though they look cute with their faces painted this way, we kind of regretted saying yes to it, since all of the pictures of them the rest of the day they look like animals, instead of Caleb and Landon on Disneyland attractions.  Oh well.  Haha!

I think this is one of those caption-worthy photos...

The boys found out a few months before our trip that there is a Lego store in Downtown Disney, so since they didn't know much about what to expect at Disneyland itself, they mostly told people about how excited they were to go to the Lego Store when they went to Disneyland.  Then the week leading up to our trip, our neighbor Greg, who himself is a huge Lego fan and collector, told the boys about the giant Hulk made of Lego at the Lego Store.  They loved it!

Although we got back to our hotel late after Disneyland, there was no going to bed without first building the new Legos they had bought that day.  Quick building session, then to bed right as the Disneyland fireworks started going off nearby.

Disney Day #2:  California Adventure.  This ride was one of Caleb and Landon's favorites. I think we went on it three times that day.  Thankfully it was spread out over a few hours because even the swinging motion of the ride made this mama's tummy feel just a little bit off...

I think Jimmy and I enjoyed seeing the life-size Cars characters just as much as the boys did.  Well, as Landon did, I should say.  Caleb was feeling tired and might have been pouting so he didn't want his picture taken with any of the characters. I thought it was pretty darn cool.  They did such an amazing job of recreating Radiator Springs that you really felt like you had stepped into the movie, even though we all know its just animated make-believe. Guess its the kid in us that enjoys those things still.  :)

This day Landon was really tired, and even more freaked out about riding anything indoors or in a car of any kind, so he and I hung out quite a bit, while Caleb and Jimmy were ride buddies.  Caleb was excited to try just about any ride Jimmy suggested, and he seems to enjoy that stomach dropping sensation you get from the curves and dips of some of the rides.  I think he is going to be a roller-coaster rider as he gets older. 

Jimmy, Caleb, and I all LOVED the Cars ride!  We were with friends who had a special pass that allowed us to skip to the front of any lines, so I got to ride it once, and I think Caleb and Jimmy went on it two or three times.  It was awesome.  Another cool experience when you ride through the different 'businesses' in Radiator Springs, seeing life-size versions of all the main characters.  

Ice Cream break with Michael and Thomas DeLeon.  It was fun (for us and for the boys) having friends join us at California Adventure!

After our Disney adventures, we spent a few days with my brothers.  We took Deacon, Delanie, Caleb and Landon all to a Build-a-Bear Workshop to choose a new stuffed animal together. The cutest part was watching them do the heart ceremony before they put them inside their babies.  

We attempted to let the three boys have a sleepover in Deacon's room one night.  Epic fail.  Within minutes they were wrestling with each other (mainly Deacon and Landon, the two younger ones), while Caleb was laying there tired and frustrated because he just wanted to go to sleep.  Fun to say we tried... Maybe again next year!

More cousin time hanging out at Jackson's house :)