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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

February 2014

Some new things and personalities traits:

- Learned how to button shirts and pants
- Likes to show "3" the same way daddy does, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky, and uses it as often as possible.

- Definitely our sensitive one - easily upset if yelled at
- Very compassionate and great encourager - always wants to give kisses on owwies when someone gets hurt, including himself, tries to comfort other kids when they are crying, saying "It's ok"  and "good job". 
- Loves to be a helper and go get Caleb's favorite monkey at bedtime or when Caleb is upset.
- Counts to ten
- Likes singing ABCs

The 'closeness' between brothers so close in age is becoming more evident each day, as we watch the boys play more with each other, help each other, and cheer each other up with love or tickles when one is upset. Landon also thinks about Caleb a lot when he is at school, pointing to his empty car seat, and asking for Caleb, "Bruh-der? Go get bruh-der?" 

Our newest nephew was born on February 6th to Joey and Lindsey (their first :))!  Little Jackson Joseph Fiori, 5 lbs 11oz, 18.5 inches.   He showed up three and a half weeks early, and just in time for daddy to get through rush hour and to the hospital from his work training in San Diego!  Niners fan already, and such an adorable bundle!

Two weeks old

Even little boys have fun wanting to dress up with mommy's jewelry...  They think it is so fun to put my bracelets on, and so far I've managed to keep them in my bathroom with the jewels so that none disappear!

Coolest trick I recently learned:  A penny really does perk up droopy flowers!  This is how they were midday, about two hours after putting in a few pennies, and the second picture was a few hours after that.  By bedtime my beautiful tulips were standing straight up in the air!  I was amazed at how well it worked!!

Got to have some outdoor country playtime recently.  Our boys don't get out to open spaces very often due to lack of friends who live in the country, but it was fun to let them play and eat lunch in the dried up riverbed and with water in an emptied out feed tub!  They were wiped out by the time we finally headed home.

There were hundreds of ladybugs on the vineyard walk out to the riverbed.  The short walk took forever  because the kids stopped every few feet to look at and pick up the ladybugs.  Here, Landon has one on his sleeve. 

Simple, but SO fun for the kids. 

Freezing water in this old feed tub but Landon loved it!

Caleb has recently learned how to cut (soft) food with a fork and knife.

Play time at the Burger King indoor play area!

The WOW science museum recently added a tornado simulation booth.  The tall little girl below was going in it and her grandpa invited Caleb and Tessa to join.  They were excited in anticipation, but had no idea what was coming....

The winds were blowing up to 75 miles per hour...

Fun at first, but them Tessa freaked out and was done.  Little Beau snuck in as the door opened and was 'blown away' but the strong wind.  I still laugh when I think about the windblown expression of surprise that he had on his face for those three seconds in the chamber.  Wish I had gotten a picture!

The tunnel slide at Emerson, Caleb's favorite park - finally fixed!!