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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Landon at 10 months

We think you may have said your first word last week3... You were sitting in your hi-chair as I fed you dinner when daddy came in home from work.  You leaned to the side to see around me and said "da-da".  Granted, this is a very common sound for a baby your age to babble, but given the timing and context,  I think we're going to count it as a first :)

One of your favorite things to play with right now is the talking (Toy Story) Woody doll with the pull string on the back of it.  You get such a big smile when we give it to you or when you pull the string and make him talk.  You like sticking his nose in your mouth (kisses?) and chewing on his boots.

(Video of Landon with Woody toy):

You totally recognize and LOVE the theme song to Thomas and Friends (the train cartoons).  If you are doing something else when you hear it, you immediately pop up your head and start bouncing up and down, waving your arms, and babbling (or dancing and singing, in mommy's interpretation).

(Video of Landon dancing to Thomas theme song):

In general you seem to be leaning toward the musical side... You love playing the piano, with or without daddy, you love the maracas, the homemade maraca made from paper plates filled with dried beans, the recorder (you've figured out how to blow into it to make the noise), and any other music that you hear playing you will often respond to in some way.

Playing piano from your walker

You have SO much fun sitting in the shopping cart like a big boy

Following in Caleb's footsteps, Landon also likes the squeeze pouches, and he can now feed them to himself...
...which he is quite proud of!

Doesn't he look like he's two years old here??
Big brother Caleb's love of trains seems to be trickling down to you, not just with the music, but you love standing holding onto the table and playing with the trains and pulling apart the train tracks.  Lately when we are in the car Caleb has so much fun moving his arm up and down (kind of like we'd do to a semi truck driver to get him to honk his horn) and saying "Choo-Choo! Choo-Choo!" to you, and you respond by 'waving' one arm excitedly.  Sometimes big brother will do this to try and make you happy when you are getting tired or fussy in the car.

Riding on Caleb's shoulders 
Fun times with the boys :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Caleb's (unofficial) first dentist visit

I had an appointment to have my teeth cleaned yesterday and thought it would be a good time to take Caleb so he can see what goes on, and maybe sit in the chair - just a little warmup orientation for the real thing.

Leading up to our visit I talked to him about what goes on at the dentist, and that they have special "tools", a special "bib", spinning toothbrushes, and toothpastes to make your teeth nice and shiny.  I think it was also helpful that I pulled up Amy Elson's blog post from Caleb Elson's recent first trip to the dentist so that (my) Caleb could see him being a great example up in the big chair!  :)

He was very attentively watching as the hygienist cleaned my teeth, and she showed him "Mr. Slurpie"(the suction/water thing) and sprayed some air and a little water onto his hand, which he thought was funny.  We asked him afterward if he wanted to sit in the chair with me.  He climbed right up on my lap, and we were pleasantly surprised that she let him use her little mirror and 'teeth counter' to look in his mouth and inspect (almost) all of his teeth before he pushed her hand away.  Pretty good for a little guy his age, they said!  Way to go Caleb!  Maybe next time he will let them polish his teeth... :)

Labor Day Breakfast

Uncle Joey makin' pancakes

YUMMM!!  Its so fun when Caleb has someone to sit with at his kiddie table :)

Landon loves this talking Woody doll

Check 'em out... Banana Pancakes

"Uncle Ben, look!!"