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Monday, August 31, 2015

June 2015

Back around Christmas, I began going to Jazzercise and loving it.  It is so not the same as it was when our moms all did it thirty+ years ago (the assumption I had, like many others, before trying it!) - all current music, and awesome full body workout!  
As many of you know, at the beginning of June I began training to become an instructor!  This picture was just from a regular day, but Aly surprised me with balloons and flowers to keep up in the front of the room for all to see!  35years old and starting something new to keep my body and mind active and healthy. :)

We went out to dinner with my family on my birthday.  It was great, and when we got home Jimmy pointed out how enjoyable the dinner was.  That is something we haven't said in quite some time about meals out with kids!  Seems like we are rounding a corner in that department- its so nice!  Here is a picture that Caleb took of Jimmy and I:

Our neighbor and friend, Jacob, turned six this month.  We were invited over for some cake and birthday playtime with the boys' light sabers (which they are all three super into right now), and with Jacob's new basketball hoop.  After playing basketball and light saber fights, the boys quietly disappeared into another area of the yard.  When we went to check on them we found them covered in very fine, very dry, very dusty dirt from the mound, digging it up and throwing at each other, then rubbing their eyes with their filthy hands.  These pictures don't really show how covered they were, but it gives you an idea. 

We decided to rinse them off with a few runs through the sprinklers...which turned the fine dirt into mud, and wasn't nearly enough water to actually rinse them off.  Boy did they have fun running through the sprinklers in their underwear!

We love getting pizza dough from Woodbridge Pizzeria and making pizza at home.  This night we decided to change it up a bit and make Calzones.  They were huge and delicious!

Cowboy Caleb working in the garden with daddy, wearing daddy's hat.  Rain boots work great for work shoes in the dirt!

Our traditional baby shower with the girls and our moms, this time honoring Caprice's daughter Avery, and Lindsay's first baby, Dylan. 

Buddies :)  Landon and Eli are so cute together!

We've been seeing a lot of this face, along with a growl or roar...

Loving their light sabers these days!

Cool cat Landon heading over to Jacob's house to play light sabers with him.  

We repeated last years Father's Day plans of going with the fam to see a Rivercats Baseball game in Sacramento and it was a great time!  As usual, the boys did more eating than watching the game, but that will come with time!

Uncle Ben, Auntie April, and little Elijah came home for a surprise (to Regina) visit this month!  He is so much bigger than when we met him in April and what a good baby!

Birthday celebration for Nana Gigi!  All her grandkids together: Caleb (almost 5), Beau (2.5), Wren (5 months), Elijah (3 months, and about to lose his cool in this shot), Landon (3.5), and Tessa (4). Love you Gigi!!