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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Landon at 4 months

At Landon's 4 month check-up he was 12 lbs 10 oz.  He takes a late night bottle and then is able to sleep through the night until about 7am if he is swaddle up nice and tight. :)   He is still sleeping in the bassinet, only because big brother hasn't yet transitioned to a bed... we are hoping to do that this week so Landon can be moved into the crib (Lots of prayers for a smooth switch are appreciated!).  Landon loves to have his hands and fingers in his mouth (makes it difficult to get good pictures of him at times...).  His eyes are still fairly blue, but not quite as light as they used to be... we are starting to see hints of gray or green maybe?  Not sure what color they will end up...  We have realized we have quite a few blue-eyed and hazel-eyed people in our families, so anything is possible.

Landon is such a happy, smiling baby and now that he has begun to laugh, it is getting even more fun.  Caleb is the best at making him laugh, even with the most ordinary movement or action and Landon will let out a chuckle.  Of course Caleb loves that he can make his brother laugh!

There are those hands...

When he isn't swaddled he is totally a side sleeper.

Watching Caleb run around and play outside.  Soon he will be able to chase him, too!

He reminds me of a little froggy :)

Look at me!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Caleb at 20 months

Caleb loves praying!  ...So much so that he wants to pray before every nap, bedtime, and each meal, even wants to pray at the grocery store :)  We were shopping the aisles at Raley's recently and he grabbed my hands and said 'pray, pray.'  So we paused right there in the aisle, held hands, closed our eyes (see photo below... I love how he squints his eyes closed), and prayed for everything I could think of!

Thank goodness for the entertainment factor of pots and pans... :)

Caleb loves playing with trucks... and tractors, and cars, and tools.... all that boy stuff!

 Giving Gio and Bella water with the hose nozzle is so much fun!

So sad that Caleb's 'guitar' (actually a 'ukelele' from Hawaii...) broke the other day!  He loves playing it, and toy bins make great hats!

Landon riding the bull...  (Caleb likes playing this game with Jimmy)

Cousins out in front of the Shoppe

Mommy is getting better at letting Caleb get dirty :)  We put his boots on during a short break from all of the rain we have had and he stomped and splashed back and forth along the little strip of water in our gutter for about 25 minutes.  Needless to say he was drenched when he finished, but oh what fun!

First time playing on these things at the mall. "Tra!!", yelled Caleb. (Tra = tractor)

Caleb the helper likes to feed Gio and Bella their dog food. He scoops about 6 pieces in at a time :)

Evening playtime with daddy...

Wearing our green for St. Patty's Day!

Big brother, Little brother...

Watching the concrete mixer at work at Papa and Nonni's house...

Front row seats to see the truck working!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The new ride

After much time researching, and trying to make up my mind about a double stroller (the most time consuming part...!), and then finding a viable option to purchase from Craigslist, we FINALLY have our double stroller!  Here we are on our first walk before last week's string of storms arrived.

 Trying it on for size the night before...

He laughs!

Yesterday Landon gave us his first laughs, and they were great!  He loved watching big brother Caleb playing with Daddy... 
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