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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

February 2015

We had a fun conversation recently with the boys about what they remember from our time in Chile.  Landon was only fourteen months old so he doesn't remember anything, but Caleb was two-and-a half years old at the time, and he told us he remembered three things:
-El rio chocolate
- Swimming in our apartment pool with floaties
-Laura's moto
(See photos of each below...)

It was great having a pool in the backyard of our apartment building.  The boys loved it!

We called this el río chocolate, or the 'chocolate river' - a canal that ran through town, which we walked across often to get to the grocery store.  It reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
This is Laura, the neighbor who was Caleb's age and lived just across the hall from us.  Her nanny, Gloria, was very nice and often times let the boys borrow her toys.

Scooter on loan from Laura
Balance bike on loan from Laura...
Laura like our double stroller :)

...and this is Laura's moto - a battery operated motorscooter that was also shared with the boys.

Our newest niece, sweet Baby Wren, fast asleep on daddy Joey's chest as he watches the SuperBowl...

We went bowling with our neighbor, Jacob, and his mom, Mary.  The boys had fun, but were done after one round.  LOTS of balls came to a complete stop in the middle of the runway, requiring assistance from an employee to retrieve them.  Here the boys are watching someone's ball head toward the pins...

A brief stretch of rain and some beautiful single and double rainbows came along with it

Origami Valentines for the boys' preschool classes. They don't care so much, but I enjoyed making them :)  I used to do origami when I was young, so it was fun to make these.

Valentine's Day lip suckers

Superhero repair services...

A fun surprise - we ran into Papa Jack and Nana Dee at the grocery store, and the boys got to each take a ride through the produce section with Papa Jack.  They loved it!

We met up with Pablo and Shannon, our former boss and his wife from when Jimmy and I worked in Spain.  They live in the East Bay now, and their three boys all play year-round soccer.  We went to see their middle son, Mateo's game, and our boys had so much fun running around with the other two kids.  Below is the youngest, Pedro, taking pictures of his brother in the green.

After the game, Pablo and Shannon told us they would like to pass down this cool car to our boys.  All three of their boys used it (the oldest of which is 13yrs old now), and Caleb and Landon were of course so excited, and even though it moves at a crawling speed even with a full battery charge, they have so much fun driving it.