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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Caleb's First Day of Preschool!

Yes, he has sort of already had his first day of preschool when we were in Chile, but this time its the start of a whole school year!  He was looking forward to it leading up to today, and smiled big when we would tell other people that he was getting ready to start school.  He is going to Vinewood Preschool, and Debi Hyzdu, whom we (and he) already know well, is his teacher, as well as a handful of kids that he already knows are going there, too.

This morning he was dressed within minutes of waking up.  He insisted on choosing his own outfit, and although it wasn't the cute one I wanted him to wear, he did at least happen to choose something that matched.  He was cooperative with getting ready (not always the case!), and was asking if it was time to leave about 40 minutes early.

Excited to be at school and see his friend Jake...
...and having fun sharing his sign, too!
Caleb did great this morning, was happy to say goodbye and head into his classroom, and was all smiles when I picked him up at noon.  Great start to the school year.  We're excited for Caleb's new adventure and all the cool stuff he will do and learn at school with 'Teacher Debi', or "Teacher Deb', as Caleb calls her.  :-)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fourth of July & Pancake Breakfast

Some of you may remember a post I did while we were in Chile about the bedtime stories that Jimmy makes up for Caleb.  One of the most popular has been one about the pancake breakfast, though the story version includes Gio and Bella (my parents' golden retrievers) going to the Lake for the breakfast too and chasing and barking after the ducks.  Because of the frequency of the pancake breakfast story, we have been looking forward to this year's breakfast, and especially since both boys are a little older and can enjoy the breakfast and have fun.

After the breakfast we decided we would flip Caleb's bed so that it is lofted, like we had been telling him we were going to do that weekend of him turning three.  He was super excited about it, and napped great with the new setup, but didn't like it so much at bedtime.  We think him being tired with a  late holiday bedtime was just too much for him, so we flipped it back at 9:30 that night. :(
Excited about his new bed!
This will soon become a reading and play area under the lofted bed.  Landon was already having fun playing.
The following weekend after asking us a couple of times about it, Caleb said he was ready to have his bed up high.  We flipped it up once again and there it has stayed.  

Caleb really likes his bed now, and both boys are loving playing and reading underneath it. Working on finding some fun curtains to put up underneath so it can also serve as a fort for them to hide and play it!

Lots of swimming in the afternoon that day, and we finished our festivities with S'mores and Firecrackers at a friends' house.  Long, busy, fun day!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun Times in the month of June

Looking back at my pictures I realized we had a very fun and busy month in June.  Here are various snippets from our adventures...

Ice Cream Cone treats!

Video of Jake, Caleb, and Tessa singing Happy Birthday to me:

Making Applesauce

Landon's boo-boo after a run-in with the cement... I think I may have already included in earlier post?

Caleb, Landon, and Tessa rough housing with daddy/uncle Jimmy...

Making handprints for a Father's Day gift for Daddy

Playing kitchen in the Shoppe kitchen while Nonni was working.  Landon and Caleb have a special bag of dry pasta designated as play pasta that they can stir and 'cook' with when they come to the shoppe.  These are the kinds of things my brothers and I grew up doing as toddlers and young kids at our shoppe.  Good memories :-)

Hanging butcher paper makes a great fort and hiding place!
Trying to figure out what's going on inside the sealed chamber of the meat tumbler

Laughing at how it goes 'round and 'round

Going for a ride on the dolly

Caleb wanted to wear Papa's jacket to go into the walk-in refridgerator.  Its huge on him, but as you see, he loved it.

Lunch with our friend Jake Walters
Out on the river for an evening boat ride.  We went out once last year on the Walters' flat-bottom boat, and this was the first time that Landon is old enough to enjoy it, too.  The kids were running back and forth from one end of the boat to the other the entire time, loving every minute of it.

At church on Father's Day Caleb was helped to fill out this information about his daddy.  Its so fun to see what they come up with.  Some of it was pretty accurate!

Shaving Cream fun in the backyard

Farmer's Market
We took the boys to a Ports game, their first baseball game of any kind.  They sat very well while they ate these gigantic corndogs, then wanted to go down closer to the field to check things out, and then on to the back where Caleb had spotted the bounce house and inflatable slide.  After spending all of daddy's cash on that, they played chase on the lawn.   It was nice to get to take them to a game for this experience, but to only have to drive to Stockton to do it!

Video of boys running at Ports game with daddy:

St. Jorge Winery
Double Stroller for four?  Caleb and Tessa hopped on the front for a faster ride back to the car

Brotherly kisses